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Want To

Gus was acting weird. After we flushed a covey of quail, he began lagging behind as Pete led the charge forward. Rather than searching for the scattered birds, Gus seemed content to sit in the background and watch us hunt. He was not gun shy. I made sure of that before I consented to assume ownership of him. He had a good nose. He proved that multiple times as we practiced...

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Busy, but Blessed

God has given us a new year! As your pastor, I look forward to serving the Lord with you during the exciting days that are ahead of us. You are a joy to know and serve the Lord with. I actually considered getting a T-shirt made that said, “I pastor a great church!” I thought about doing so after seeing so many of you serve so well in the meeting of the needs of...

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 Near the conclusion of the hunt, my young Brittany dog, Gus, stopped in a statuesque pose. I was a bit shocked. For several hunts he had seemed to be almost disinterested in finding quail. He paid little attention and periodically sat down and watched from afar. I never said it out loud, but often thought, “This dog won’t hunt.” A bird dog who won&r...

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