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Stephen Myers introduced me to the word one evening during a Q A Connection service. He used the word "curmudgeon" in one of his answers. I asked for a definition. Off the cuff, he mentioned something about a person who was very difficult to get along with. When I looked at the definition in the dictionary, I found his answer to be precise, but incomplete."A bad tempered,...

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The Kitchen Window

I like a window above the kitchen sink. I guess the fondness stems from my childhood when I would look out the kitchen window, through our backyard, over our short, chain-link fence, between the sides of our backyard neighbors' houses, to see the driveway of my best friend's house. Didn't even have to pick up the phone and call. All I had to do was look through the window ...

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Ultimately, his action spoke louder than his words. During his lifetime he had voiced more than his share. Arrogant words. Profane words. Denying words. Critical words. Peter always had something to say. Moments of silence lasted only briefly when he was in the crowd.His gift of gab was radically redirected once the Holy Spirit took up residence inside of him on the day of...

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Get It Out!!

A few weeks ago, as our evening was winding down, I was in the back of the house getting ready for bed when I heard a bloodcurdling scream coming from Kathleen in the living room. It seems as though someone (probably me) had left the backdoor open just a bit to allow a little bit of cool breeze to come through the house. Well, seizing on that opportunity, a small snake dec...

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