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Enjoying God's Word

Gus never seemed all that interested in eating. When I filled his bowl with food in the morning, he took a bite or two before retreating to the yard, where he stretched out for a nap. He stayed skinny. Eventually the bowl would empty. I was never sure if he ate during the afternoon or after the sun went down. It seemed that eating, for Gus, was more of a duty than a joy. H...

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Great Things Ahead

It is Thursday afternoon and the temperature is going to be almost 80 degrees today. This would not be noteworthy if it was later in the year. It is the middle of February and that makes it something to notice. One year ago we were expecting a winter storm at this same time. Some are saying that the cold weather is behind us and we can look forward to spring and warmer day...

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Love You, Momma

My mother was only twenty years old when I was born. She may have been very young, but she had a wealth of knowledge about raising children. Being the sixth of eight children qualified her to know a lot about siblings and nieces and nephews and such. Babies and small children had been a part of her life all of her life.The pictures in the photo album clearly evidence why s...

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Squirrel On A Wire

Squirrel on a Wire He seemed to be out of place. Walking along a thin cable with impeccable balance and probably uncertain as to where his rope would end. Placing four paws carefully one in front of the other and not looking back to the tree from where he had started the journey. He had left a safe, wood-covered appendage that felt right, comfortable and had some leaves t...

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