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Minor Adjustment

The floor lamp positioned near the chair I sit in every morning flickered on and off from time to time for several weeks. I learned that a gentle shake of the lamp usually brought the light back on after things had gone dark. I was delaying the replacement of the switch in the lamp. My dad was a trained electrician. I am not. My repairs are often the first step in buying s...

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Great Days

Great days... If you are anything like me, you might think that as a school year ends and summer begins, that days will be filled with relaxing, swimming, lake trips, and taking life easy. This summer proved to be anything but those laid back, nap-filled days. We enjoyed Vacation Bible School, Children's Camp, 2 mission trips to the Dominican Republic, GA Camp at CrossTim...

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Director of Preschool/Children

This Sunday we will vote on calling Amber Bryant to serve as the Director of Preschool and Children's Ministries here at First Baptist Church. Amber is being unanimously recommended by the search committee we selected June 12. Amber will be sharing briefly in both morning worship services. All members can vote during each service and place their ballot in the offering plat...

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One True God

It's been about 70 days since I officially accepted the position of Youth Pastor here at First Baptist Church of Weatherford (a.k.a "Dubtown" according to our students) and our family began making our way to this community.In this time frame our family has hunted down and packed countless boxes, hauled more than a ton of "stuff," completed numerous house projects, been gif...

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When She Reached for His Cloak, She Touched His Heart

When she reached for His cloak she touched His heart. His response differed radically from the doctors she had visited during the past dozen years. She continued to suffer while her condition deteriorated. They offered no solutions as they continued to demand payment. Desperation drove her through the crowd to Jesus. She had no money. She had no place to worship. She lived...

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Good Times

GOOD TIMES Do you remember the show? The sitcom that aired for six seasons from 1973-1979 and featured Jimmie "J.J." Walker also known as "Kid Dyn-o-mite." Another one of my favorites was watching Arthur Fonzarilli on Happy Days. Anyone who could hit a jukebox and make it play music was at the top of my cool list. The past year has been good times and happy days here at ...

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