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Joy to the World

I grew up in a home that magnified Christmas on multiple fronts. We rarely missed church, so we enjoyed the transition from the regular hymns to the songs we sang only once a year. "Joy to the World" remains my favorite. We usually saw a presentation of the Christmas story in some simple manner as the celebration of Jesus' birth approached. I will never forget the magic o...

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Lessons Learned from Potatoes

One of the highlights each week for me is having the opportunity to spend time with the university students as they eat after the Gathering service each Wednesday night.I am so thankful for a great team of cooks that prepare, serve, and then clean up each week! It's probably wise that they don't let me in the kitchen very often, but this past week I was able to assist. I r...

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Thank You, Jesus

The word jumped at me from the pages of Scripture. During my systematic reading of the Bible, I came to the fifth chapter of the book of Revelation on a Thursday morning. As the curtain was about to be pulled back to reveal future events, the only person worthy of making the revelation was the Lamb of God who had been slaughtered. That is the word! I was reading from the...

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The Dog on the Other Side of the Fence

Rambo has thoroughly enjoyed his new backyard. One of his favorite pastimes is to run the fence with the neighbor's dog, who by the way is roughly 10 times his size, until both of them are worn out and panting so hard they can barely even stagger inside to rest. Man how I wish I spoke dog language so I could know what they were saying to each other. I'm sure it would be qu...

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