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Life Includes Losing

Life includes losing. It may be a game or an election or a pet or a marriage or a friend. It happens on multiple fronts to every person in a variety of ways. Everyone doesn't lose in the same manner, but everyone loses in one way or another. No one makes it through life with all victories and no defeats.I spent my life without any medals until I entered a 5K run in which I...

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Never The Same

When it comes to books and movies, I'm a pushover for a happy ending. I just don't understand the thinking that says I'm OK with stories not ending in a positive way. It just seems like a waste of time to me. One such happy ending that I recently was reminded of is the story of Don and Carol Richardson who were missionaries back in the early 60s. They felt the call of God ...

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He Is Worthy

It was the only crown He ever wore. The Roman soldiers broke the monotony of executing another Jew by making fun of Jesus' claim to be a king. It did not matter to them that He told Pilate His kingdom was not of this world. They simply seized upon the opportunity to mix mockery with murder.The crown was woven out of thorns and set on His head. The staff they placed in His ...

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Leadership Training

This past Sunday we had a Leadership Training session for all of our adult LifeGroup leaders and potential leaders. We had a great time together focusing on prayer time in our small groups. We looked at keys to an effective prayer time as well as ideas to deepen our prayer time. The interaction was good, and the suggestions made by the group helped each one of us.For our M...

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For Your Joy Not Your Detriment

If Christians spent as much time and energy fighting sin as they do fighting singleness, then our churches, maybe even our world, would look drastically different. Parents with grown adults are trying to marry off their kids. A formerly married man or woman entering back into singleness will likely feel the cultural pressure to make that time as temporary as possible. If...

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Less Can Accomplish More

Nancy and I have been downsizing our stuff. We have a term we use in describing our efforts that I will not use in this article. It is not a bad word - I am just not sure that it is a word. Just because the sports commentators make up words doesn't make it right. We have been sorting through closets and editing keepsakes. We have found many things we forgot we had. We are ...

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