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The Best Is Yet To come

Over sixteen years have passed since I came in view of a call as the pastor of Weatherford’s First Baptist Church. On July 8, 2001, I preached a sermon that must have been fairly well received. The vote was 422 yes and 4 no. That afternoon we walked through the home we now live in and knew God was leading us to move to Weatherford. Still, we slept on it before I call...

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Flip It Over

Caleb was in town so we went out for a family breakfast. I must admit, breakfast may be my favorite meal of the day… if it is past 8 am. Cade ordered pancakes which is typically his standard order from the breakfast menu. The flapjacks, hot off the grill, came to the table inviting a spread of butter to be lathered on and a flood of syrup to overflow the sides like ...

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His Question

His question caught me off guard. We were waiting a few minutes before I performed the wedding ceremony for him and his lovely bride. He had recently joined the church after attending for several months. He knew I spelled my last name with a “ph” instead of a “v” and that I grew up in Hobart. “Was Rex your brother?” “Yes he was. Ho...

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Keep Heaven in God's Perspective

As parents, Sandy and I want to make sure we teach our kids that actions have consequences. When reason allows, we offer them choices. It may sound like, “Right now you have two choices: you can either stop throwing a fit, lay down, and go to sleep, or you can keep throwing a fit and get a consequence (and you’ll still have to go to sleep), which will you choos...

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