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Live Responsibly

God expects us to live responsible lives. There are choices we make and actions we take that we remain individually accountable for. According to Galatians 6:5, each Christian is expected to bear his own load. The word used for "load" in this verse is a word that refers to something like a backpack. There are many things in life that individual Christians, empowered by the...

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Don't Dread the Work

Easton has had a fear of dogs for as long as we can remember, so when he began begging for a dog this winter, Paul and I decided it was probably a good time to start considering adding a puppy to our family. Aubree has been an animal lover since she was pretty little; she loves ALL animals. As soon as she joined forces with her little brother in the pursuit of getting a do...

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What Is A Missionary?

As I write this I am attending a conference in Louisville, KY, called "Together For the Gospel" (T4G). As part of the conference, I attended a mini-conference beforehand entitled, "Shepherding the Next Generation to Reach the Nations." In this time, David Platt, the director of the IMB, asked a question, "What is a missionary?" He then followed that up with a question of...

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This past quail season included crossing paths with more incidental "critters" than any season I can remember. Every year there are plenty of cottontail rabbits and armored armadillos. This year the plethora of animals grew to include a badger, a bobcat, a swan, thousands of snow geese, and countless wild hogs. Wild hogs come in a variety of sizes and colors. Wild hogs st...

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It was a nice day, so I was driving with my window down when I came to the red light at the intersection of Washington and Davis. I guess my radio wasn't as loud as usual giving me the ability to hear a lady's voice say, "Wait." She annoyingly kept saying it over and over. Was she talking to me? I looked around trying to see if there was a mom who was persistently tellin...

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