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I needed an address so I clicked on a file I keep shrunk at the bottom of my computer screen. I titled the file "Prospects" when I moved to Weatherford almost seventeen years ago. The file has become home for names, addresses, and phone numbers of people I meet and people who fill out visitor information cards on Sunday mornings. The file has grown to 42 pages of single-sp...

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What We Get or What We Give

At the end of May I had the privilege of "officiating" or performing my first wedding ceremony. Many of you know or would recognize Jayden since she is the student receptionist that sits at the desk by the main entrance in the afternoons. Katy and I have grown to love Corey and Jayden and were thankful to be part of their wedding. It was a fun wedding, and not just because...

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Water given to disciples of Jesus always gains the attention of heaven. Not massive amounts of water but cups of water. Cups filled with less than eight ounces qualify. They contain enough to quench the parched lips of tired disciples. When the twelve went out on mission, they needed to be "helped along" by the gifts of others. No gift, in Jesus' estimation, was more imp...

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Getting Away

Summer is here! Time for get-a-ways, vacations, trips, special outings, and delicious cookouts. Crank out the homemade ice cream and chill the watermelon. Fire up the grill and sit on the back porch. Wet a hook at the lake or journey to the mountains to drink hot coffee on a cool morning. My family and I had the opportunity to spend some time away on Memorial Day weekend...

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Childhood is Wonderful

When I was a child, my parents allowed me to be a child. During the summer, I played with my siblings and my cousins without being on any rigid schedule. We went places and did things at a pace that allowed for many spontaneous activities. My mother has always enjoyed "serendipities" the unexpected pleasures that occur while going through life. More serendipities tend to ...

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Hang In there

As I write this, I'm almost a month into a diet. To say the least, I'm a little behind on my New Year's Resolution. I'll let you in on a little secret: at this point, the jury is still out on whether or not I'm going to succeed. Some days are relatively easy; while others, the clock seems to slow to a halt as I think about what I'm going to eat next. I'm hungry and it's no...

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