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"Want to" or "Have to"

Most Friday mornings, during quail season, my dog Freckles can be heard howling and moaning on the back patio. She refuses to silence herself until I bring her inside to put on her boots for the day. I have never been able to figure out how she knows we are going hunting. Somehow she senses that the day will include hunting. Maybe it is because we don't go walking. Maybe i...

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Game On

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL . . . what can I say? VBS at First Baptist Church is such a special time. More than 380 children, youth, and adults filled the halls, rooms, and every space in between learning about how much our God loves them. Smiles were on everyone's face as they sang in the worship rally about the joy they have in Jesus! I am so thankful for those who choose ...

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Puppies are like small children in that they explore the world with their mouths. If they can pick it up, whatever it is, they put it in their mouths in order to experience its taste and texture. Most children have swallowed at least one coin for no valid reason. Once it heads down the esophagus there is no way to stop it. Yes, I was one of those children. Freckles picks...

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Serving at the Pleasure of THE KING

I've heard one variation of a certain phrase on the TV show "Blue Bloods." The main character of the show, the police chief, will say from time to time, "I serve at the pleasure of the Mayor." I've also heard a similar phrase from real life politicians who "Serve at the pleasure of the President." The phrase came to my mind this evening because Christian Service has been...

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