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Refuse to Quit

The hour I planned to spend in the morning hanging the new shutters expanded into well over four hours. The calculations I made in preparation for the Saturday event proved to underestimate the degree of difficulty and overestimate my level of competence. By the time Nancy and I were winding up the joint venture, she was quoting Murphy's Law; and I was saying "Amen." We we...

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Running, I Just Don't Get It

From the time I was old enough, I have always enjoyed being involved in sports.I started out in Little League baseball and Little Dribblers when I was in elementary school.Then I added football in Jr High.I loved each one of those sports.I continued playing baseball until my sophomore year and had to choose between that and basketball.I played basketball until college and ...

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The Value of Christian Friends

Freckles never knew what she was missing. For over a year she had occupied our back yard by herself, enjoying the privileges afforded to the current Brittany in the Stephenson family. She had a spacious dog house, a covered patio, and all the food she could eat. Actually, all the food she needed. She visited with the neighbors and their dogs when they happened by. Nancy an...

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A Growing Ministry

If you have happened by the children's check-in desk lately on Sunday or Wednesday, you have probably noticed the large number of children and families that are served by our children's ministry. It has become increasingly difficult to adequately serve all our preschool and grade school age children without additional resources. After much prayer, discussion, and conside...

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"It Was Better Than Nothing"

"It was better than nothing!" We both laughed after she accurately described the benefits of a "swamp cooler" during the hot summertime, back in the day. She spoke with 94 years of accumulated wisdom. Today's worst central air system excels by far the best air conditioner of yesteryear. However, as Billie said, if a swamp cooler was all you had, it felt pretty good. Th...

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The Root Is The Issue

Trees are a great part of God's creation. As they provide shade and oxygen, they remind us of God's general grace, expressed to all people, through his good creation. Sometimes trees grow where they're not intended to grow. When trees shed their seeds and one happens to fall in a flowerbed next to a house, there is potential for that tree to do some real damage. It could...

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