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Serving at the Pleasure of THE KING

I've heard one variation of a certain phrase on the TV show "Blue Bloods." The main character of the show, the police chief, will say from time to time, "I serve at the pleasure of the Mayor." I've also heard a similar phrase from real life politicians who "Serve at the pleasure of the President." The phrase came to my mind this evening because Christian Service has been...

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The River of Truth

All truth is God's truth. It is his character, his identity, and one of his attributes. That is why 1 Timothy 3:15 states that The Church is to be "a pillar and foundation of the truth." Paul is telling Timothy that he must lead the church to be a place that always stands for truth, leans on truth, holds truth up high for all to see, follows truth, and champions truth. The...

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What Is A Missionary?

As I write this I am attending a conference in Louisville, KY, called "Together For the Gospel" (T4G). As part of the conference, I attended a mini-conference beforehand entitled, "Shepherding the Next Generation to Reach the Nations." In this time, David Platt, the director of the IMB, asked a question, "What is a missionary?" He then followed that up with a question of...

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Your Phones Reflecting You

It's not just an issue for younger generations. I have seen, and am even close to, many adults from older generations (Baby Boomers and beyond) who spend too much time on their cell phones. There may be different uses across generations, but the cell phone has invaded the vast majority of our lives. For this reason and because the cell phone distraction is very real with...

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Picky About Music

From the outset let me make two things clear: I have not always chosen music wisely, and I realize not everyone needs to adopt my philosophy of musical selection. My love for music began at an early age. In middle school and high school it was amplified, not only through becoming a musician, but by being surrounded by people who love music the way I do. My friend and I di...

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