"All In" Begins this Sunday

On May 8, Nancy and I attended the Tuesday evening performance of The Wizard of Oz, presented by the middle school students, under the direction of Kim Duerksen. We enjoyed the top-notch performance by all who had a part. We laughed and smiled and hummed along with a few of the songs.

I did so next to a complete stranger. At least he was a complete stranger when we sat down. We arrived a few minutes early and found the PAC to be, well, packed. Nancy and I made our way from aisle to aisle until we found a couple of empty seats. People on the row stood in our honor as we squeezed past them before sitting down. Within two minutes I introduced myself to the man seated next to me. I found out his occupation and his dad’s occupation and his son’s role in the play. I may never see him again. 

While searching for seats, I thought of “All In” summer at First Baptist Church. By design, there will be quite a bit of searching for seats. The filling up of the worship center at 10:30 a.m. with those who currently attend both Sunday morning worship services will require much cooperation by everyone. For ten weeks you will have to share “your seat” with someone else who considers it their seat. This will prove interesting as everyone shifts out of their comfort zone. When you can’t sit in “your seat,” you will end up in someone else’s seat!

You can make things easier for all involved. If possible, fill the rows from the inside out. Some of the more popular rows, near the back, hold well over twenty people. If you can’t sit in the middle, make sure that you stand up quickly when someone needs to get by you. If you sit on the end of a row, you, at that time, become an official greeter for First Baptist Church. You may have opportunity to get a lot of exercise. 

You will have opportunity to meet a lot of members of your church family you may not know. We do our best to remain connected with one another, but we do function as two churches in one facility on Sunday mornings. This summer we will be “All In” the same Life Group hour and the same worship service hour. By the end of July, you will meet some new people whom you will see again. 

“All In” begins this Sunday!