2018 Budget

This Sunday night, October 15, at 6 p.m., the Stewardship Committee will present the proposed 2018 budget for First Baptist Church of Weatherford. The budget is the result of the combined recommendations of many committees and staff members. The Stewardship Committee puts together all the projected needs to form the budget.
The budget guides spending. James Brown, who served as the treasurer of the First Baptist Church in Hobart for many, many years, used to say, “Just because it is in the budget does not mean that it is in the bank.” I have never forgotten his insightful comment. This past year our receipts have not satisfied the requirements of the budget. The staff has adjusted spending accordingly. We should end the year with a bit of an overage, not because of increased giving but because of decreased spending.
The recommended budget for 2018 will actually be about $40,000 less than the 2017 budget. This decrease will not hinder our ongoing ministries. We are still aggressively supporting many mission causes that are impacting the world for Christ. Our ability to give generously is God-given and brings with it much responsibility.
We cannot fund every ministry that exists to the degree that everyone wishes it would be funded. We tend to be more supportive of some areas, based on our individual backgrounds and passions. The Stewardship Committee put together a budget that reflects a balanced, generous plan for supporting ministries on multiple fronts in 2018. They have done a great job budgeting even as you do a great job giving.
During the presentation on Sunday night, opportunity will be given for questions and comments to be made by the church family. All input will be considered by the Stewardship Committee before they present the budget for a vote by the church on Sunday morning, November 19. The vote will be by secret ballot. Copies of the budget will be available in the church office for all to see. This will be the 17th budget we have voted on since I came to be your pastor. I applaud you on the positive manner with which you participate in this annual event.

I love you,