A Cold Day at Grand Central

At the end of last year, my family had the opportunity to take a vacation to New York City. We had a fantastic time although I was very glad to come back to Western Oklahoma. One of the afternoons as we were sight-seeing, we stopped by Grand Central Station. If you’re not familiar with Grand Central, this is one of the hubs of the underground and above ground train systems. It is always full of thousands of people. This particular afternoon we decided to go to the lower level and get something to eat to be out of the cold for a while. With so many people, you can imagine the difficulty of finding space for all of us to sit down and eat. We got a little bit spread out, and I ended up just taking an empty seat at a table with some other people. The man sitting across from me was named John. It didn’t take long to come to the conclusion that he was homeless and also inside to stay away from the cold. We began a conversation and quickly he asked me where I was from. When I told him Oklahoma, he asked, "have you ever heard of the Black Wall Street?" Fortunately, I had just read several articles about the riots in the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa.
By the way, if you have not heard of this story, I encourage you to take a chance and learn about this terrible occurrence in Oklahoma history. I ended up giving him my meal, and John and I talked for the next 30 minutes in that crowded, noisy train station. Two men from different backgrounds and different cultures, an African-American homeless man from NYC and a white Baptist minister from Oklahoma just visiting with one another on a cold winter day. I asked him about the Lord. He expressed that at some point along the way, he couldn’t even remember when, he just became disinterested in church, not unlike so many people we are surrounded by every day. He shared with me that a few bad financial choices and an addiction to alcohol had led him to the place he was in now.
The conversation ended a few moments later, and as I reflected upon it, I was once again reminded of the fact that everyone of us is created in the image of God, every one of us has value, and every one of us is loved by God. We are called to show the love of God that was so freely given in the person of Christ, regardless of circumstances or backgrounds. 
May God lead us to be a church that reflects Jesus to Weatherford.

Keep The Faith,