Bug Bite to Knee Surgery

I could barely walk. I had been riding in the car for almost three hours and thought that the down time had somehow affected my ability to function. I assumed that once I moved around a bit all would be well. Get the blood flowing and stretch those muscles! I continued to limp. I tried to pop something back in place by aggressively straightening my leg while I was away from the crowd.

I had made the trip to preach the funeral of a wonderful Christian man. The platform had only a couple of steps to climb. I navigated them without drawing too much attention to myself. My knee did not so much hurt as it just would not work. The funeral went well as did the lunch and the ride home. For some reason, I thought that when I got out of the car I would be fine. I was not.

Each morning, when I walked, my leg eventually loosened up. I couldn’t help but think about the people I know who have had knee replacement surgery. Maybe I needed to stretch it out – or rest it – or massage it. I had no clue. I decided to not run up the steps to the pulpit on Sunday. Maybe I was entering into a less vigorous stage of life. 

Then I saw it. One night I noticed a bruise on the side of my knee with a red dot in the center. Nancy diagnosed my problem immediately. 

“Something bit you!”

Sure enough, some little bug had bitten me on the knee and messed everything up. I guess a little insect bite can cause a big time problem. In just a few days my knee was functioning with full motion and zero pain. The major problem had been caused by a simple insect bite. Funny how I jumped from bug bite to knee surgery!

We tend to do that. We have a way of imagining the worst scenario possible when the problem is usually something simple. You don’t need a new car – you just need a new battery. The water heater doesn’t need to be replaced – you just need to adjust the heat. You don’t need surgery - you just need time. You don’t need a new HVAC – you need to change the filter.

Most problems are not huge. Many problems are just life. 

I love you,