Building a Budget

Our 2019 church budget will be presented by the Stewardship Committee on Sunday night, October 21, at 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall in the main building. We will vote on the budget by secret ballot on Sunday morning, November 18, during both morning worship services. The budget will go into effect the first of January.

Developing the budget included the efforts of multiple staff members and committees. All requests went to the Stewardship Committee, and they formulated the requests into a budget. The task was quite involved and included much prayerful consideration before anything proceeded. The resulting budget is a guide for spending during 2019.

Let me explain. By guide, I mean that situations sometimes develop that force adjustments. Unexpected major expenses occur on occasion and skew some categories past their budgeted limit. If more people come, it requires more resources. If several HVAC units go out, it requires more resources. If giving tapers off, the budget must be adjusted accordingly. Just because money remains in the listed budget does not mean money actually exists in the bank. We will live within our means.

Those means have been quite abundant for an extended period of time. Our budget is increasing again this year as we are blessed with growing needs in a growing church. I cannot remember a year when our giving did not exceed our budget. We are unique in this reality. Many churches fail to meet budget most years.

Thank you for your ongoing generosity. I will complete 36 years of pastoral ministry in December. During that time, I have never looked at the amount that anyone gives to the church. I don’t ever plan to do so. I don’t know where the money comes from, but I am thankful that it comes.

As a church, we do have some reserve funds that are invested to help with kingdom causes. As a church, we have no debt. Our lack of debt allows us to generously contribute to mission causes. As a church, we use most of our facility multiple times each week. Ministering to more people in the same space generates more financial resources. As a church, we will never prioritize money, but we will wisely use money so that money will not use us.

I love you,