Choose This Day How You Will Live

We remain personally accountable in life for the choices that we make and the actions that we take. Circumstances and relationships influence us, but they do not determine who we become. The choices we make and the actions we take determine the people we become. We must empathize with others when they hurt. We must not enable others when they refuse to assume responsibility for their choices and actions.
Choices and actions have consequences – always! Blaming others or feeling sorry for self never eliminates the long and short term effects of those choices and actions on self and others. Experiencing difficulties in life does not excuse anyone from assuming personal responsibility.
“Who’s going to take care of us?”
I still remember the statement made by a single mother on a news broadcast several years ago. Some assistance program had run low on funds and cancelled operations. While she complained to the camera, I couldn’t help noticing a large young man seated at the table behind her. He was old enough and big enough to work but apparently was not a part of the solution for what was needed in the home. He was learning to bypass personal responsibility and wait for someone else to provide. He was the worse for it.
Freedom to make choices is not the freedom to avoid consequences. Keep making good choices, even when it is neither easy nor popular, and eventually you will reap a harvest of blessings. Keep making bad choices, blaming it on whoever or whatever, and eventually you will reap a harvest of broken relationships and pain. Those who give bad advice and encourage wrong behavior will not be there to help when life heads south. You will pay the price for the choices you make and the actions you take. They won’t.
Life is not fair and includes pain. Accept these unpleasant realities and then assume personal responsibility to move on from there. You cannot make choices for others. Others cannot make choices for you.

Choose this day how you will live,