Crawling Around Blind

Almost four weeks ago, our Miniature Australian Shepherd had six extremely cute puppies. It was my first experience at watching puppies being born. I am so grateful for today’s technology and information that can be accessed from a device that can sit in the palm of my hand. I had studied, was ready for the delivery day, and now can add “mid-husband” to my resume.

For the first two weeks of their greatly dependent existence, they crawled around blind. It caused me to wonder why puppies were born with eyes closed while people open theirs seconds or minutes after birth. Come to find out, a puppy’s eyes, according to the gospel of Google, are still developing and are extremely fragile at the time of birth. Can you imagine being born into the world with the inability to see, living in darkness?

Perhaps we are. From the time of our natural birth, we live among the reality of darkness and light. We view through lenses that gain worldly sight yet are blurred to the spiritual things of God. Born with the darkness of our inherited sin nature, we                  observe how the Light of the World shines forth from broken vessels of clay while our sin-infected heart is bent toward rebellion and self. We witness a community of faith glowing from the Treasure that is within while the best we can do is reflect the someone who looks like the person we see in the mirror.   

Like a new born pup, there can come an amazing day when blinded, unbelieving, tightly shut eyes open wide. At that very instant, worldly eyes become spiritual, capable of seeing from a born-again perspective. Removing the spiritual blinders, God allows those once blind to see; and for those who once walked in darkness, new creations in Christ are now empowered to walk in the Light that has taken a redeemed residency. 

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. Open the eyes of my heart. 

I want to see You. I want to see You.                                                                                           John