Director of Preschool/Children

This Sunday we will vote on calling Amber Bryant to serve as the Director of Preschool and Children’s Ministries here at First Baptist Church. Amber is being unanimously recommended by the search committee we selected June 12. Amber will be sharing briefly in both morning worship services. All members can vote during each service and place their ballot in the offering plate or at the Welcome Center.
Amber currently serves as the interim Director of Preschool and Children’s Ministries here at FBC. She has faithfully served for several months during Andrea Unruh’s medical leave and following Andrea’s retirement. Amber has had the ultimate “view of a call.” The entire church has been viewing her serve for almost a year.
I have heard nothing but positive words about the job she is doing. The job demands detailed organization, tireless energy, and sweetness of spirit. Amber has proven herself to be all of this and more. If you have any interaction with the ministries to children, you have probably been blessed by her. I am elated that she is willing to serve here at FBC.
Ministry to children remains critical to our goal of being a multi-generational family engaged in the ministry of Jesus. We cannot be multi-generational without young families. We will not reach young families if we do not provide opportunities for their children.
Amber is married to Joe. There wedding was one of the first I preached after I came to Weatherford. It remains one of the most memorable I have ever done. Amber and Joe have 10 year old twin girls – Kamri and Kaitlyn. Their family remains aggressively involved in the life of First Baptist Church. Amber will share more details on Sunday morning.
As our staff continues to change, our Lord remains faithful.

To God Be the Glory!