Dog Tales 2

Through the years, I have illustrated sermons and articles with the activities and antics of the dogs that happen to be residing in our back yard. I would not consider myself to be a “dog lover” like some people I have known. I am a dog owner who appreciates the loyalty and laughs provided by my four-legged companions. If I raised Hereford cattle, I probably would write about them.
Years ago, I put together some of the articles, and a friend published it. I titled the book, Dog Tales. I gave the books away in exchange for a donation to a church building project that we were involved in at the time. Eventually all the books were distributed. I kept a few for myself for sentimental reasons. Years rolled by.
A few months ago I was approached by someone who offered to pay for a second edition of Dog Tales if we had them printed. What followed was an expansion of the original book by over forty articles, as well as the addition of a few pictures and a table of contents. The book turned out really well. The books have arrived and are available to you for private use as well as for sharing with others. They are free. They are on a table in the south commons area.
The books can be used as a devotional in conjunction with Bible reading during your quiet time. The book can also be read anywhere, at any time. Read the stories to your children. We plan to use them in various ways as a part of the ministry of our church. You are welcome to take as many as you need as long as you use them or give them away.
If you want me to do so, I will be glad to sign books for you. My prayer is that God will use these simple stories to make a huge impact on the lives of many.

I love you,