Don't Wait On Others

One of the things I loved most about working on a college campus was teaching Freshman Orientation classes. It was so fun to be in a classroom that was geared at teaching new college students how to adjust to college life in practical ways. We taught things like study skills, classroom etiquette, time management, how to get involved on campus, money management, etc.
In my last two years on the SWOSU campus, a new component was added into the curriculum, and it was my absolute favorite element to teach. The students were so engaged; they participated in conversation, asked questions, and were very sensitive to the seriousness of the topic. The topic was dating violence and sexual assault. The students were floored by the sad statistics surrounding this topic and upset that these issues are so common place. I focused a large amount of the class time on bystander intervention. We discussed ways in which they could act and intervene in various given situations. It was shocking to my students that so many people witness things and never step in. We would talk about less serious scenarios and then they would become more aware of even their own laxness in similar situations.
We always assume someone else will help or fill a need when announced so we often do not come forward to do so ourselves. It is so sad that we intentionally ignore conviction when it stirs us. I think as Christians we are not immune from this but must be even more intentional in combatting it. Research shows that we ignore a call to act because we think others will act, but I don’t want it to be true of us as the church as well. We have a HUGE need for additional people to serve in our children’s ministry in various ways throughout the week. If you can help by serving, please contact me.
Everyone in children’s ministry tells me this is a problem everywhere, for all churches, but why is that? Why do we not place a higher value on our children? Don’t wait for someone else to fill a need; they are probably waiting for another to do the same.

God is so good,