Easter Changes Everything

Next Sunday afternoon, we, as a church, will be putting door hangers on most residences in Weatherford as a way of inviting them to Easter worship services. The message on the hangers is brief, positive, and informative. Each person receiving one will know that they are invited to celebrate Easter with us. Door hangers can become bridge builders.
Some who receive the door hangers will already have a church home. They will be glad that we are inviting others to celebrate Easter. I always thank those who stop by my house and invite me to attend their church. Many who receive the door hangers will immediately toss them into file 13 along with other “junk mail” they receive. I do the same with some things I receive. I understand. A few who receive the door knockers will be prompted by God to attend worship on Easter here at First Baptist Church. A few of those may eventually place faith in Jesus Christ.
God came to us on His way to someone else. We live in a very impersonal world. Still, the gospel spreads through relationships as the gospel is shared through local churches. Web sites can only go so far. Our mandate from Jesus still includes the word “go.” As we go, we will be used of God in His eternal plan to draw people unto himself.
Individual Life Groups have been assigned areas to canvas. If you are in a Life Group, be sure to show up at 4:00 p.m. in order to help in your area. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall to pick up the materials and have a word of prayer. If you are not in a Life Group, you can still come and help with a specified group. Most Life Groups have fellowships planned after they canvas their assigned area. It will be a great opportunity for us to live on mission as a church family.
Childcare will be provided at the church for children, ages 3 and under.

Easter changes every,