Everyday Reminders

A very special woman in our family went to be with Jesus in September. We had a graveside service in Edmond to celebrate her life the following week. Paul and I decided that since the kids were already missing school and we were in the metro area it would be a good afternoon to visit the state fair.
Our children loved all the animals and won some prizes playing the over-priced games, but the overwhelmingly most popular attraction for them this year was the butterfly tent. They had so much fun feeding and holding the butterflies, and Easton even had a butterfly land right on his head. He walked around very carefully the remainder of the time so it would not fly away. After taking some pictures of him and his new friend, he asked me if people were allowed to bring their cell phones to Heaven and then explained that he wanted to call his GG and tell her about the butterfly on his head. After he walked away I sobbed; raw emotion got the best of me in that moment. I wanted to let him call and talk to her.
After leaving the tent we noticed you could purchase caterpillars to take home and watch transform into butterflies. We are currently the proud owners of 8 caterpillars.
This morning two of our caterpillars began the process of forming their cocoons. I talked to the kids about how awesome and crazy it was. I said “can you imagine, one day you are a caterpillar and then you form a cocoon and are transformed into a beautiful butterfly . . . isn’t that amazing?!”
Then I realized, isn’t this exactly what happens to us as Christians when we leave this world? We are made new. No more pain, no more brokenness, no more sin, sorrows, or heartache. We are perfected by our Creator. Death isn’t the end but the beginning. We may look like caterpillars in this world, but one day we know we will be the butterfly, made new by our God.
The tears I shed in the butterfly tent were a reminder that we live in a fallen world where things hurt, but the cocoons (currently in my kitchen) are a reminder that we will be made new. Thank you Lord for the everyday reminders of your goodness and grace!

God is so good,