Flip It Over

Caleb was in town so we went out for a family breakfast. I must admit, breakfast may be my favorite meal of the day… if it is past 8 am. Cade ordered pancakes which is typically his standard order from the breakfast menu. The flapjacks, hot off the grill, came to the table inviting a spread of butter to be lathered on and a flood of syrup to overflow the sides like lava oozing the top of a volcano.
After only one bite, Cade turned his pancakes over to discover that the other side of the pancakes looked like they had endured a raging forest fire. One side had the appearance of perfection while the other was well beyond the golden brown mark. The charred side of the pancake ruined the entire taste of the first bite.
It seemed obvious to me that the cook was trying to cover up the blackened mistake by putting it on the bottom. Maybe it wouldn’t be noticed? Maybe the bottom side of the two-toned breakfast item would be overshadowed, disguised, and camouflaged by what looked good on the surface?
I sent it back. It disappointed me that the cook would serve less than his best, but it also made me realize how much we try to cover up our “blackened” mess with the goodness that we display on the surface. How many times do we try to cover up our sinful imperfections with our good works instead of dealing with what lies underneath?
Nothing is hidden from God. He sees the good and bad sides, the right choices and the wrong. He takes notice of the heart that is set on Him but never ignores the selfish flesh that yields to temptation and succumbs to sin. Jesus’ death was for our sin, not our goodness. It was a big deal then and is a big deal now. We cannot hide our sins underneath our works. Through confession, repentance, forgiveness, and grace allow Jesus to remove the sin that He came to redeem and restore. Every bite will taste better when it’s gone.

Love you all,