Follow Me

At the end, Jesus told Peter what He had told him in the beginning.
“Follow Me.”
In both instances, Jesus made His appeal shortly after Peter had participated in a miraculous catch of fish. In the wake of the reminders that nothing is too hard for God, Jesus invited Peter to follow Him. In both instances Peter accepted His invitation. The first time he left the stability of the familiar. The second time he left the fear of the unknown.
The first “following” resulted in a front row seat for seeing and hearing the Son of God during His ministry on earth. The willingness to heed the invitation of Jesus led to experiencing more miraculous events than could be recorded in all the books in the world. However, the road where Jesus travelled eventually led to Calvary. Before Calvary there was the denial by Peter before the crowing by the rooster.
The miracle of the resurrection did not wash away Peter’s memory of that denial. Eventually he tried to restore what he had lost by going fishing again on the Sea of Galilee. Other apostles joined him. They caught nothing until they followed the advice of someone calling from the shore. That someone was Jesus. Over a hundred and fifty large fish found their way into the net.
Fast forward past breakfast that morning and a private counseling session with Jesus. Peter asked about John. Jesus wouldn’t bite and change the subject. He turned the conversation back to Peter.
“You follow Me.”
The only way any Christian remains faithful to Jesus for a lifetime is by following Jesus. Not by following any other person, because all people eventually disappoint in some way. Not by
following a plan, because all plans eventually change. Not by following a dream, because all dreams eventually fall short of expectations.
Follow Jesus. He will never disappoint you. He will never change. He will never morph into a nightmare. He will encourage, calm, and guide you. Life includes unexpected twists and turns, pains, and losses. Follow Jesus and He will lead you through it all. Living the Christian life really is that simple.

John 21:22,