Full House

Decades ago Keith Wiginton advised me to “never rob the people of the joy of a full house.” At the time, I had probably read a book or attended a conference that suggested beginning an additional service would allow all churches to reach more people. I followed his advice. I always sought to maintain one worship service until it became essential to add another service to accommodate growth, not stimulate growth. 

It was about thirteen years ago that we began offering two worship services because we could no longer fit in the worship center during one service. Since then, the summers have always had fewer people in attendance than the rest of the year. Still, we always maintained two services because it was easier to not create chaos by making changes.

Some things have changed in the last thirteen years. Many people are gone multiple times for multiple reasons during the summer. I understand and so does God. All of us benefit from a break in the routine. However, sports have become a bigger part of every weekend, including Sunday. Consequently, many people are not in church who would have been here a decade ago. This complicates securing substitute teachers in the preschool and children’s departments because many teachers are gone. This poses a huge challenge for Savannah. By offering only one Life Group hour, less teachers are required in the children’s classes for those age 4 through grade 5. 

I can preach and John can lead music to a half-filled worship center. We are not driven by who shows up to participate but by the One who has called us to minister. That being said – it is more exciting to preach and lead when the worship center is filled with people. Our staff really believes that we can build momentum through the summer that will carry over into the fall. We believe you are such a healthy church that you can adjust to make “All In” a major positive in the summer of 2018. 

I love you,

EarlFull House