I Love Being Your Pastor

I delight in serving as your pastor. Through the years God has woven my heart together with yours as we have done life together. At a recent funeral, I began counting the widows in attendance who had previously been on the front row while I led in a similar service. I stopped counting at five. As the soloist continued, I thought about the men who are with Christ and the challenges being faced by their surviving spouses.
On any given Sunday, when I scan the crowd, I am aware of painful, real-life situations being faced by so many in attendance. You show up for worship because you are trusting God not because you are loving life’s circumstances. You remain “genuine” in your faith as you are tested with the realities of life on planet earth. You are real people with real issues, and I love being with you through it all.
Don’t get me wrong. I am not happy when you experience hurt or disappointment or uncertainty. I am thrilled when all goes well for those who make up the “flock entrusted to my care.” I do rejoice with you when you rejoice. I also count it a privilege to weep with you when you weep and pray for you when you need direction - and courage - and assurance.
Serving as your pastor energizes me. When you share your hurts with me, I pass them on to the Lord and find strength by doing so. I preach sermons that are mined from God’s Word and influenced by my relationships with you. I don’t preach to random people. I preach to parents with rebellious children, divorcees with uncertain futures, addicts with powerful cravings, widows with quiet homes, and fathers with limited resources. What I know to be reality transforms me as your pastor.
Nancy and I often mention to one another how thankful we are to be here in Weatherford at First Baptist Church. You are nothing short of amazing in the way you follow Jesus with authentic faith. I know you are not perfect, for none are, this side of heaven. I do know you to be genuine and that is why I cherish you.

I love you,