I Love Being Your Pastor

The significance of the local church cannot be overstated. The local church is the body of Christ operating in a specific community. The local church is the pillar of truth standing strong in a specific community. The local church is the light of the world, displaying moral purity in a specific community. The local church is the salt of the earth, fighting moral decay in a specific community.
This is where you come in. So many of you consistently give and serve in multiple ways here in Weatherford and the surrounding communities. You are in the center of where God intends for you to be. Our mission expands beyond the local church. Our mission will never bypass the local church. It is in the local church that we build relationships so that we are able to encourage one another. We do life together so that we are able to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice. We pursue and welcome others to follow Jesus and join us.
We do not exist merely for the purpose of funding the bigger, more significant kingdom activities in the world. Look in the mirror. See that person looking back at you? That person is vital to the advancement of the kingdom of God. That person makes an impact right here – right now. Do not depreciate your significance because you are not somewhere else engaged in some other activity. If you are not plugged in where you live, you are not plugged in anywhere.
It is through the local church that the gates of hell are assaulted and Satan’s destructive intentions are thwarted. As you declare the gospel and love the people in your world, you push back against spiritual darkness. Thank you for the consistent lives you live and the faithful service you provide on behalf of Jesus through the local church.
I love being your pastor. My goal, as well as the goal of the entire staff, is to help you and encourage you as you remain on mission for Jesus. We are in this together through this local church. Whatever we do, we do as unto the Lord. He is the One we worship and serve. His glory is our goal as we function as a local church in this place at this time.
I don’t just love being your pastor. I love you.