Jesus Paid It All

Jesus did not die by lethal injection behind closed doors. Jesus died on a cross. No one sought to make his death as comfortable as possible. Far from it.
Man in his darkness had conceived of the most painful ways possible to put another person to death. Nail him to two rough-cut pieces of lumber, drop the thing in a hole and then watch the victim suffer before he died. To speed up the process, beat him within an inch of his life beforehand. To add shame, strip him naked. To make an impression on others, do so in a very public place.
Jesus chose to come and die in our place when execution was cruel and unusual punishment. He not only laid down His life for us; He did so while enduring pain and suffering in its most intense form. Jesus died on a cross.
Do we need any more motivation to live for Him? Is it essential for pews to be padded before a Christian comes to the church which Christ purchased with His blood? Must a meal be served or a prize be given before followers of Jesus make their way to His house? I think not.
All that is necessary to keep every Christian focused and faithful is the fact that Jesus died on the cross for them. Never lose sight of the cross. Remember what Jesus has done for you, and you will never feel you are doing too much for Him.

Jesus paid it all-
All to Him we owe,