Keep Seeking

I heard Paul tell Easton “She was here yesterday; maybe she got out last night.” I questioned what they were discussing to find out that Fluffy, the kids pet bunny rabbit, had escaped the security of our backyard and was missing. After rounding up shoes for everyone, we loaded up and started patrolling the neighborhood. Everyone kept their eyes peeled as we drove slowly and carefully surveyed our surroundings for our beloved pet.
All of a sudden I saw her! I was so surprised that we actually found our lost little bunny. Paul jumped out of the truck and coaxed her to himself with the help of her favorite treats. As he came in view of the kids holding Fluffy, there was much celebration! Our bunny would soon be safely returned to our home, and a small hole in the fence would soon be patched.
As I reflected on the evening’s events, I realized that the search for our lost rabbit was very reflective to our relationship with Jesus. It would have been very easy for Paul and I to tell our kids that Fluffy was too far gone to have any chance of finding her. We instead chose to go look for her, to seek her out, and we found her. If we hadn’t been seeking, we wouldn’t have found her.
In order to grow in our relationship with the Lord, we must spend time seeking Him. It is important for our seeking to be intentional and ongoing. Much like our drive looking for Fluffy, we must slow down and carefully survey what His word is telling us. We need to mend our broken fences as soon as we recognize they need mended. We must be on the lookout for Him. Spending time in His word is spending time with Him.

God is so good,