Lessons Learned from Potatoes

One of the highlights each week for me is having the opportunity to spend time with the university students as they eat after the Gathering service each Wednesday night.
I am so thankful for a great team of cooks that prepare, serve, and then clean up each week! It’s probably wise that they don’t let me in the kitchen very often, but this past week I was able to assist. I rinsed, wrapped, and baked the potatoes that were then used to make what is considered by most to be the best baked potato soup ever.
I learned a few “tricks of the trade” as I went about preparing 80 potatoes. Who knew that a dishwasher could also efficiently rinse potatoes? After the potatoes were rinsed, it came time for me to wrap the potatoes in foil…I was humming along pretty fast, not really paying much attention when in an instant I came to a screeching halt…ouch!! I had jabbed my left thumb into the blade that slices the foil and had a cut that needed some attention. I stopped and bandaged my thumb before I continued wrapping the potatoes.
The next night at the University meal, I got several compliments on my choice of band aid that I borrowed from Livy and Harrison’s stash. The cut was a good, yet painful reminder that there are times in our lives where we just need to slow down. We can live our lives at such a frantic pace that in our busyness we miss opportunities to love others and meet their needs.
Is there an area of your life where you can create a “margin” to have the time and space to love and serve others? Let me encourage you to create space to bless others and in turn be blessed.

Slowing down with you