Never The Same

When it comes to books and movies, I'm a pushover for a happy ending. I just don't understand the thinking that says I'm OK with stories not ending in a positive way. It just seems like a waste of time to me. One such happy ending that I recently was reminded of is the story of Don and Carol Richardson who were missionaries back in the early 60s. They felt the call of God to uproot their family and plant them in the middle of the Sawi tribe of Papau, Indonesia, a tribe of headhunters and cannibals that had never heard the gospel.
The Richardson’s struggled mightily to translate the gospel of Christ in a way that the Sawi people could comprehend and make sense in their culture. They only succeeded after they encountered the strange peacemaking ceremony that involves surrendering a "peace child" to a rival tribe as a peace offering. The gospel then began to click with the Sawi as the missionaries explained that God had surrendered his own son, the perfect peace child, to bring peace to all peoples of the world.
There is a short documentary on RightNow media, which our church has purchased a subscription for all church members, that shows the couple going back after 50 years to see how the Gospel has changed the Sawi. It is a fantastic story and one that I would encourage you to go watch.
If you are not hooked up with RightNow media, simply email me at, and I will send you an invitation. It is an incredible resource that you and your family need to take advantage of.

Keep The Faith,