New year

The afternoon walk I usually take Freckles on was interrupted by a meal we hosted in our home. In spite of her silent pleadings as she looked through the window with her big, brown eyes, I had no time to fulfill her expected excursion. Nancy and I both worked together to finalize food and atmosphere preparation. I even built a fire in our outdoor fireplace.
The guests arrived, and we enjoyed a good dinner on the china Nancy inherited from her parents. I always imagine how proud they would be of her for continuing the tradition of hosting people for a meal. Nancy has prepared good food for countless people through the decades. Her willingness to open up our home has established and strengthened many of the relationships we enjoy in life. I don’t know that there is a better way to love people than by sharing a meal with them.
After the evening was over and our guests had vacated our home, I took a few minutes to go outside and pet Freckles, before helping Nancy with the dishes. She was glad to see me and seemed happy that I was giving her some attention. Then, she exited my presence and trotted over to her food bowl. The ample supply of nourishment, which she had ignored all day, suddenly became her focus. Bite by bite she emptied the bowl as I sat nearby. I was again reminded that even dogs don’t prefer to eat alone.
The same is true of people when it comes to Spiritual food. How refreshing it is to enjoy God’s Word during worship and life groups with other people nearby. It is just more inspiring when fellow Christians show up in mass to worship Jesus and encourage one another. I preach better when there is a full house. Teachers teach better when their rooms are full. Just showing up blesses others! Churches function better when they gather in mass to assemble together.
Make 2018 the year when you faithfully show up for worship and LifeGroup, not just to receive spiritual nourishment for yourself, but to inspire others to be nourished as well.

Freckles eventually hopped up in my lap!