No Place Like Home

Apartment 1012 in building 110 at Oklahoma Baptist University seemed to be a perfect place to spend the night during the conference I was attending. When I checked in on Monday afternoon, I noticed there was a functional microwave I could use to heat up coffee on the following morning when I woke up early. Breakfast wasn’t scheduled until 7:30. I would need coffee before then.
The conference went well, and I made my way back to the apartment. Before turning in for the evening, I walked around the campus and down memory lane. I smiled often as I contemplated the faithfulness of God. By the time I laid down, I was exhausted. That is when I first heard the “chirp” of something that sounded like a smoke alarm in need of a battery.
I got up and investigated. I found nothing. I heard nothing. Maybe it was just my imagination. After laying back down, I heard the sound again. It wasn’t loud, but it was consistently annoying. I moved to the living area, where I planned to spend the night on the sofa beneath the ceiling fan that made enough noise to drown out the chirp. The sofa was a few inches too short and a few inches too narrow. My arm fell asleep, but I did not. I moved back to the original bunk. The chirping continued.
Finally, I moved to another bunk on the opposite side of the apartment, where I hoped the chirp would be out of earshot. The hour had moved way past midnight, so I was less meticulous in putting sheets on the mattress. Both fitted tops popped off when I laid down. I didn’t care. At that point I just needed some rest. I had been up since about 4:30 a.m. I could not hear the chirping! Eventually, I did fall asleep for a limited time.
Be it ever so merry, there is no place like home. Especially, when it comes to being able to rest. That is especially true when we consider our heavenly home. We will be able to rest without any struggles, hurts, or regrets chirping in the distance. The peace passing understanding that sometimes eludes us on earth will never elude us in heaven.

Revelation 14:13,