Opening Doors and Hearts

Sadly, we often believe that the church exists for us and for those who are most like us. However, if WE are the church, then we must fight against the thought that we exist for ourselves. If this ever becomes our mantra, then the church becomes a social club, a narcissistic, inwardly focused organization filled with
individuals who feel good about themselves by promoting self-righteous works.
The church is not an organization: it is a living organism – a Body. The local church belongs to a Kingdom whose head is Christ. It is God’s heart and desire that His Kingdom expands which requires participation from followers of Christ who make up the local church. Many churches have adopted the “we four and no more” philosophy which has led to complacency,
stagnation, apathy, spiritual and numerical decline, and even more tragically – death.
When my boys were maturing and getting taller, they
always complained of their legs hurting. It is called growth pains. The same is true when a church is growing. Our comfort levels get stretched. We don’t know everyone like we used to. Instead of reproducing our ministries, we feel threatened that we might be replaced because our identity is on our work instead of our mission - to make disciples.
We shared with the Welcome team that 1 out of 7 people come to church carrying a burden. As a church, we are to be burden lifters and life breathers. We also communicated that every person – young and old – are of incredible value and worth. Also, we cannot assume that every person entering the doors of FBC Weatherford has a personal relationship with Jesus. Some attendees are seekers, and God has sovereignly led them to our campus whether through a personal invitation or by the Holy Spirit’s prompting. We want to be gracious hosts, showing the love of Christ and providing a genuine pathway for all to hear the Gospel.
As FBC grows, let’s celebrate what God is doing. Like a new child or grandchild, we rejoice that our family is expanding. If your row has empty seats, there’s still room for additional brothers and sisters. If your LifeGroup hasn’t added anyone new lately, there’s an empty chair waiting to be filled. We must open our hearts and doors for those who are not here yet.

For His Kingdom,