Practical Advice From a Friend

What I had planned as a simple task lasted longer than I expected. Much longer. While I worked on a little plumbing project, Nancy completed multiple chores around the house. We had agreed that it was best if she stayed away. I didn’t plan to say anything I would regret, but my frustration level was on the rise. No sense in stressing our marriage over such a minor issue.

The tank behind the toilet had been filling very slowly. While we were out earlier, we purchased a necessary part and brought it home. My first problem came with the shutoff valve on the supply line. It wasn’t working. I called an audible and opted to change out the part anyway. While water drained into the trashcan and onto the floor, I traded the old part for a new one. The tank filled, but water continued to flow through the overflow valve on the new part.

I had Nancy come in to help me read through the instructions again. I had done everything as prescribed. I did not want to take the new part out because of the unresponsive shut off valve, so I headed back to the store for more instruction. The workers teamed up to advise me on what to try, based on the information I shared. I returned home and made their suggested adjustment. The water continued to rush through the valve. I returned to the store for the third time to seek more advice. 

When I walked in, I saw a young man who is a member of our church. I knew he did a lot of maintenance work on rental property. 

“Are you a plumber?” 

I asked him as he was checking out. 


I explained my quandary. He diagnosed my problem.

“The part is defective.” 

He walked with me back to the supply area and showed me a simpler version to use. He went on to say that it only happens in about one of fifty such parts, but some of them are defective. Must have been my lucky day.

I returned home and installed the new part. This time the shut off valve worked. So did the new part. I returned to the store for the fourth time of the afternoon and returned the defective part. My life was bettered by a friend who took time to give me some good practical advice.  

We should do the same for others.

I love you,