Pride Precedes Disaster

Pride precedes disaster. After ascending to the throne that had been occupied by the one who was trying to kill him, David eventually crashed and burned spiritually. It took a while, but David came to a point that he no longer felt the need to entrust himself completely to God’s care. When he grew proud of his accomplishments, he fell victim to temptation. I am not sure David sang many psalms after he ordered Bathsheba to be brought and Uriah to be killed. His middle-aged sins contradicted his young-adult faith.
David spent much of his young-adult life fleeing from the murderous intentions of King Saul. Saul towered over others in physical height, yet slumped below most in spiritual courage. His unwillingness to live a life of surrender to God led to his paranoia about David taking his place. He foolishly did as he pleased rather than waiting on God’s timing and obeying God’s will. He focused on eliminating the son of Jesse more than on fighting the enemies of Israel. Eventually, he lost his life in battle alongside his sons. He died a proud man.
Humility precedes honor. David remained humble as he remained on the run. The quest to avoid the wrath of King Saul drove him into the protective care of God. This was when David wrote many of his greatest psalms about the provision of God. Not when he was dwelling in the palace, but when he was hiding in a cave. His choice to trust God completely resulted in a life of fulfillment that is available to all of God’s people but experienced by few. Surrender to the will of God magnifies joy in all situations.
Better to experience a defeat that leaves you humble than a victory that leaves you proud. Of course, some people remain proud, even as their lives crash around them. I refer to them as hard-headed. Others remain humble, even as their lives flourish. I refer to them as tender-hearted. Circumstances do not determine who we become. Our response to those circumstances determines who we become. Pride and humility are chosen by us, not assigned by God. Life remains unpredictable, yet God remains faithful. Humble yourself before the Lord, and He will exalt you.

James 4:10,