I needed an address so I clicked on a file I keep shrunk at the bottom of my computer screen. I titled the file “Prospects” when I moved to Weatherford almost seventeen years ago. The file has become home for names, addresses, and phone numbers of people I meet and people who fill out visitor information cards on Sunday mornings. The file has grown to 42 pages of single-spaced information. 

I spend most of my time looking over the names entered most recently. Most Sunday mornings I look over the last few pages of names as I remind myself of guests who might be in worship. I like to call people by name. I also like to write people notes.

Which brings me back to my search for an address on the last day of May. I had visited with someone recently and was writing them a note. As I clicked on the file, I accidently closed it. I do things like that with my computer from time to time. I really enjoy using it. I don’t enjoy it using me! I did not panic but again traced the path through Earl, Weatherford FBC, and eventually came to “Prospects.” Since I had closed the file, it opened with page 1, rather than page 42.

I smiled when I saw the names at the top of page 1 in the file. I had no phone number, but I did have an address – 1525 Pine. Jimmy and Nancy Carder resided there. Jimmy still does. I can’t remember how I first met them. Maybe their son Barry gave me their names. Maybe I wrote the names down after my Nancy and I met them while we were walking. I forgot their names were on my list.

God did not forget. I had the privilege of baptizing Jimmy on May 17 of this year. I continue to be amazed at the steadfast love of God as He continues to answer prayers even if we forget we have prayed them. God never gives up on anyone. Neither should we. God didn’t save Jimmy because he was on my list.  God saved Jimmy because he was on God’s heart.

So are those you are praying for. 

Rejoicing in the Lord!