Puppies are like small children in that they explore the world with their mouths. If they can pick it up, whatever it is, they put it in their mouths in order to experience its taste and texture. Most children have swallowed at least one coin for no valid reason. Once it heads down the esophagus there is no way to stop it. Yes, I was one of those children.

Freckles picks up all sorts of things as we take our walks together. She uses her mouth to gather and chew. She has secured pieces of trees and pieces of toys and pieces of paper as we pass through the streets of Weatherford. She is so low to the ground that she often sees and grabs items before I even know they are there.

I consistently pry things from between her teeth in order to prevent her from swallowing something that might require a trip to the vet. She has learned to leave toads alone. One foaming experience in the back yard taught her to keep her distance and bark instead of investigating up close with her mouth. Still, her curiosity compels her to grab everything on the street that is not tied down or squashed in. 

She has learned to expect me to remove the items from her mouth. When she picks things up that she knows she is not supposed to have, she turns her head up toward me, slows her pace a bit, and baits me to take it away. I always do. She seems pleased that I make the effort to clear her teeth from all foreign material. 

I am pleased that God does the same for me when I begin to think, speak, or act the wrong way. He does not pry things away from me by force, but rather, by conviction. It hurts so good when I sense the prompting of God’s Spirit to quit something for my own good. Even when I may be unaware of the danger I am placing myself in, He will intervene and draw me away from spiritual danger. 

This fallen world has plenty of trash to trip over, step in, or pick up. I am thankful that God remains with us and watches over us to discourage us from hurting ourselves as long as we keep looking up to Him.

“I will sing to the Lord, because He has dealt bountifully with me.”


Psalm 13:6,