Reflection From Poland Mission Trip

In the early morning hours of this past Monday, I was finally able to lay my head down on my own pillow after 20+ hours of traveling from Central Europe back to good ‘ol  Oklahoma. As strange as it may sound, my mind just wasn’t quite ready to shut down for the day. I began to reflect back on the previous week and all that it entailed. Our group of nine that served as volunteers to help facilitate the Central Europe Cluster Retreat for our IMB missionary families got to see a behind the scenes look at missions in Central Europe as well as the incredible privilege of meeting families who have answered the call to “Go” to the ends of the earth and take the Gospel.

My mind clicked through snapshots of the beautiful town of Jelenia Gora, Poland. A town occupied by Nazi forces in WWII. The cobblestone streets and the beautiful buildings nestled into a small mountain range. I snapped through pictures in my minds eye of Prague, Czech Republic. Just spending an afternoon there before flying home was enough to see that this may be the most beautiful city I have ever seen. There is a cathedral high on a hill overlooking the city that was initially built in 1344. Breathtaking.

Mostly my mind snapped through pictures of the many missionary families we were able to meet and serve. I met a couple from Edmond who, at the age of 50, felt called to ‘Go.’ They sold their successful business and have been in Leipzig, Germany for the last 14 years. I met a young couple who were leading youth ministry in a local church and felt led to move their family to Berlin, Germany, to take the Gospel. I had a reunion with a friend of mine from college (didn’t even know he was a missionary) who is in Budapest, Hungary. He has a special needs daughter, and God has led his family to minister and take the Gospel to other families with special needs children.  So many families with unique and amazing stories of answering God’s call to ‘Go’!

One moment I will never forget happened on the last night. A missionary from Austria came up to me and introduced himself. He just wanted to say Thank You. As he spoke, tears began to roll down his cheeks. He said, “You will never know how important these retreats are for us on the field. To be able to sing praises to our God with fellow believers, in our own language, is an amazing privilege. Please tell your church, ‘Thank You’.” (Lord, forgive me when I take worshipping with my FBC family for granted.)

So I say, “Thank you,” but I also want to challenge you.  Please pray for these families and so many others who have said, “Here am I, send me.” And while you’re at it, pray to see where God would have you ‘Go’. Is it across the street? Is it simply inviting someone to come to church with you? Maybe He is calling you to leave the comforts we all love and go to the ends of the earth. Whatever it is, I pray you will respond with “Wherever You Lead, I’ll Go.”

Love you and can’t wait to worship with you Sunday,