Refuse to Quit

The hour I planned to spend in the morning hanging the new shutters expanded into well over four hours. The calculations I made in preparation for the Saturday event proved to underestimate the degree of difficulty and overestimate my level of competence. By the time Nancy and I were winding up the joint venture, she was quoting Murphy’s Law; and I was saying “Amen.” We were hot and tired and dirty. We were also finished.

Initially the holes I drilled in the brick did not match up with the size of the concrete screws I had purchased. In spite of my best efforts, I could not get the screws to pull up tight. I solved the problem by purchasing additional screws of a different size to match the new bit I purchased to replace the one that grew too dull to function. I also had a hard time aligning the holes I drilled in the shutters with the holes I drilled where I had marked the bricks. Nancy held the shutters while I ran the drill. We grew frustrated, but we did not quit. 

Eventually I returned to buy another bit. The used bricks have stood in the exterior walls of our home for over forty years. Time has hardened them. When I returned with the new bit, I could not get the hammer drill to release the dulled one. Finally, I used a vice and a large set of pliers. Daddy always advised me to not use force – but to just get a bigger hammer! It worked. After replacing the bit for the final time, we hung the last set of shutters before exiting the heat and returning to the air conditioned home. Our success occurred because we refused to quit.

Much success in life is achieved by refusing to quit. Refusing to quit praying. Refusing to quit giving. Refusing to quit trying. Refusing to quit studying. Refusing to quit risking. Refusing to quit helping. Refusing to quit sowing!

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

Galatians 6:9,