Why Take the Risk?

We altered our route. For over a decade Nancy and I have taken the same three-mile trek around Weatherford six mornings each week. We have changed dogs several times – Streak, Scout, Gus, Freckles – but never really stopped taking the same streets. As the saying goes, “If it ain’t broke…”
Well, it broke. One evening we were duplicating part of the walk on our bicycles when we were approached by two pit bull dogs. The younger one ran after me as I continued down the street. I held up my legs as he barked at my tires. Nancy opted to stop and hold her bike up as a shield to keep the bigger dog at bay.
“He won’t hurt you.”
The owners of the dog were in the yard playing and had opted to let the two dogs run free. Nancy refused to give ground as she demanded the owners come and get the dog before she put down her bike and continued the journey. Eventually they came and got the dog, and the dog chasing me turned back toward home. That was not our first time to see the dogs. Occasionally, they appeared in the mornings as we walked by. We assumed the gate blew open.
Apparently it did the following week, when suddenly the two dogs appeared behind us. Freckles kept looking back while Nancy called animal control. Eventually they turned around, and we continued our walk. We have never passed that way again.
I guess, in some ways, we were slow learners. Multiple times we were scared by the same unleashed dogs. Finally, Nancy charted a new path that removed the possibility of an attack from those two dogs. Why take the risk?
Indeed. Why take the risk when it comes to all questionable behavior that can end up destroying yours or someone else’s life. Why take the risk to text and drive? Why drink alcohol? Why smoke a joint? Why flirt with someone who is not your spouse? Why go in debt for something you don’t need? I’ve served as a pastor long enough to tell you plenty of tragic stories about people taking unnecessary risks.
Alter your route. If you continue to play with fire, you will eventually get burned. If you keep walking past where pit bulls get out of their yard, they will hurt you. Probably not the first time, and maybe not for a long time, but eventually they will.

Repent and turn to God,