Running, I Just Don't Get It

From the time I was old enough, I have always enjoyed being involved in sports. I started out in Little League baseball and Little Dribblers when I was in elementary school. Then I added football in Jr High. I loved each one of those sports. I continued playing baseball until my sophomore year and had to choose between that and basketball. I played basketball until college and walked on my freshman year at Hardin-Simmons University only to get cut and have my basketball career finally come to an end. Intramurals sure was fun though.

One aspect of my athletic career that I never came to love was the running.  I just saw it as a necessary evil that one must do to participate in sports. When encompassed in the process of the overall game, I was able to tolerate it.

So, as you can imagine, running is not one of my favorite things to do. I just don’t get what the draw is. I know that many of you run and are in great shape. We have several State Champions in track and cross country in our church. I think you guys are awesome, but I still don’t get it. Running causes too much pain throughout my whole body for it to be appealing.  

A few weeks ago, while stopped at a stop light, I saw a lady running up to the intersection. Because the light was red, she was not able to cross and had to wait for a few minutes. While she was waiting, she continued to jog in place but went nowhere. I smiled as I thought about the difficulty of running. Combining it with the thought of making no progress had me shaking my head.

God jolted me back to reality. How many times do I, as a believer, just run in place and make no progress in my personal discipleship? How often am I guilty of just going through the motions, even with the best of intentions? If you are anything like me, we constantly need that reminder to ask ourselves: Are we moving forward in our pursuit of Christ? Are we growing in spiritual maturity? Or are we simply going through the motions and running in place?

Keep the Faith,