It’s that time of year again . . . summer! For my young family that means sunscreen, bug spray, popsicles, pool floaties, ball games, more sunscreen, more bug spray, cook outs, camping, vacation, more sunscreen, more bug spray . . .
At my house we take every precaution to avoid two things in the summertime: sunburns and bug bites. For our outdoor loving family the summer months mean exposure to the two elements that can make my fair-skinned and allergy-ridden children absolutely miserable. With that in mind we take every precaution possible to spare them from the pain of sunburns and the itchiness of bug bites.
All too often in life we take the necessary steps to safe guard our physical health while letting our spiritual health take the back burner. It is essential to protect ourselves beyond the things necessary for our physical health. Our spiritual health is in need of attention as well.
During the summer months we have several opportunities in which our children can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to help them continue to grow spiritually.
Vacation Bible School is just around the corner and will run from June 5-9. We will be “searching the visible to discover the invisible” as we expose the children to learning about God’s creation as Galactic Starveyors. Children who have completed Kindergarten – 5th grade are invited to attend. Please pre-register your child online.
On June 14 we have a group of 10 sponsors and 38 children that will be leaving to attend CrossTimbers Children’s Mission Adventure Camp. It is our prayer that the children and sponsors going will be encouraged and empowered by the things they learn at camp.
Please be praying for our children as summer activities begin. I want to thank the volunteers, sponsors, and parents for recognizing and valuing the importance of our children’s spiritual health. We could not host any of our children’s activities without your willingness to serve our children.

God is so good,