Thank You, Jesus

The word jumped at me from the pages of Scripture. During my systematic reading of the Bible, I came to the fifth chapter of the book of Revelation on a Thursday morning. As the curtain was about to be pulled back to reveal future events, the only person worthy of making the revelation was the Lamb of God – who had been slaughtered. That is the word!
I was reading from the New Living Translation in order to provide fresh perspective. It usually helps to occasionally plow or mow or read from a different direction. The references in previous translations I used always referred to Jesus as the Lamb who had been slain. The only difference in “slain” and “slaughtered” is the gruesomeness and cruelty portrayed by “slaughtered.” That is what I needed to be reminded of.
You see, there are times when I border on feeling sorry for myself. Life happens in a manner I had not anticipated, and I feel momentarily as though God has let me down or ripped me off. If God really loves me, why do things like this happen? I tabulate supposed credits I have earned with faithful service and ongoing sacrifices. I compare myself to others and score higher than many. Still, my good behavior and faithful attendance appears unrecognized by God. Why bother with serving Jesus if God withholds his blessings?
Because up front God has already given me His greatest blessing – the gift of His Son, who was slaughtered for my benefit. After all that Jesus did for me on the cross, I can never do too much or give too much in my service of Him. He has “prepaid” me in the sense of dying in my place on the cross to pay for my sins. He laid down His life to be slaughtered that I might be forgiven and receive the gift of eternal life. He owes me nothing more.
His voluntary slaughter qualifies Him to receive all power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing that we can give to Him for the entirety of our existence in the here and now and in the hereafter. He owes us nothing because He has already given us everything.

Thank You, Jesus!