The Best Is Yet To come

Over sixteen years have passed since I came in view of a call as the pastor of Weatherford’s First Baptist Church. On July 8, 2001, I preached a sermon that must have been fairly well received. The vote was 422 yes and 4 no. That afternoon we walked through the home we now live in and knew God was leading us to move to Weatherford. Still, we slept on it before I called Phil Weaver the following morning and told him we would come.
We moved to Weatherford on August 1. My first Sunday as your pastor was August 5. I attended the older men’s Sunday school class before preaching a sermon from Hebrews 11:4-12 titled “Testimonies from the Past.” I was elated to be here. I still am. So is Nancy.
A lot of things have changed in the last 16 years. The choir no longer wears robes. I rarely wear a suit. The organ has been replaced by a keyboard and a band. Two huge screens attached to the walls have replaced the one small drop down screen that covered the baptistery. I still remember sending Tyler Steinly back into the baptistery, after his baptism, to open the small door so the rear projection would work.
Almost every facility has been remodeled in some way during the past 16 years. Your cooperative spirit, through all the adjustments, has resulted in the heathy church we enjoy today. We doubled our worship and education capacity over 12 years ago when we changed our schedule to accommodate more people. Remember when we tried an early worship service, and a simulcast in the Family Life Center, and Sunday School classes taking turns sitting on risers on the stage? Through it all, you have been so cooperative and helpful. God has used you in countless ways to show His love and share His gospel with as many people as possible. You are the best!
I have served with nine called staff members who are no longer on staff. No, I did not run them off. I now serve with five others who are fairly new to this church. I am by far the “most tenured” member of the called staff. The future looks bright and includes great opportunities for sharing the gospel and making disciples. Change will happen. It always does. Still, God remains faithful and wonderful!

The best is yet to come!