The Value of Christian Friends

Freckles never knew what she was missing. For over a year she had occupied our back yard by herself, enjoying the privileges afforded to the current Brittany in the Stephenson family. She had a spacious dog house, a covered patio, and all the food she could eat. Actually, all the food she needed. She visited with the neighbors and their dogs when they happened by. Nancy and I took her on daily walks and made a point to spend time with her outside. Nevertheless, Freckles spent a lot of time by herself.

When we introduced Duke to Freckles, she did not know what to think. They spent the first night roaming the yard together in the light of the full moon. I think Freckles was waiting for him to leave. He never did. Now, they remain inseparable. Where we see one, we see the other. They actually look alike. Someone called them “twinkies” the other day when they saw me walking both of them. They chew on sticks. They chew on each other. They wrestle and play. They hone their pointing skills on squirrels and birds. 

One of the main problems we had with Freckles was her digging of holes in the yard. My fear when we added Duke was that the number of holes would double. My fears never materialized. The digging almost completely stopped. I can mow the grass without getting stuck! Apparently, Freckles was digging holes, and creating problems, because she was bored, not because she was rebellious. Once she gained a friend, her life upgraded and her behavior improved.

The value of Christian friends cannot be overstated. The local church is where we worship God and learn His Word and develop relationships with His people. The relationships formed in a local church keep us actively involved in the church. That is why it is so important to make friends in the church and continue to cultivate and enjoy those relationships. Those relationships add a richness to life that cannot be found anywhere else. God blesses us through those relationships.

Going solo in the back yard left Freckles lonely. Dogs are social creatures. So are you. Don’t go solo through life. Make and enjoy as many friends as possible. 

I love you,