It was a nice day, so I was driving with my window down when I came to the red light at the intersection of Washington and Davis. I guess my radio wasn’t as loud as usual giving me the ability to hear a lady’s voice say, “Wait.”  She annoyingly kept saying it over and over. Was she talking to me? I looked around trying to see if there was a mom who was persistently telling her child not to get in a hurry, not to be impatient, to stand still and dare not take one step.

Finally, it dawned on me that the voice was echoing from the yellow box attached to the metal pole at the crosswalk. Needless to say, I am glad there was no one around who had the ability to read my mind. It would have been a short read, but I truly thought the words were coming from a person with flesh and not a mechanical, automated voice that was exceptional at uttering all day long and at the appropriate times the word – WAIT.

“Wait” is a word that many of us are not too fond of. At a crosswalk, it is a word of safety. From God, it is a word of   PROMISE! (Isaiah 40:31) When our strength is depleted, God tells us to wait upon Him. He is the fuel at the pump. He is the One who enables you to keep putting one foot in front of the other. He is the One who empowers and sustains you to keep running the Christian marathon. If we are willing to wait, God displays His greatness in making Himself available to work in and through us. The benefit of our waiting is that we get HELP, and He receives GLORY! 

Although extremely difficult, waiting comes with purpose. The time between crucifixion Friday and resurrection Sunday was necessary. Jesus’ dead body began breathing again after three days of physical lifelessness. The God-sized power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same power that is available to strengthen us if we are willing to wait… wait…. wait… wait.  If you are at an intersection of life where your wings can’t seem to lift you off the ground or you lack the energy the take another step, your best option is to WAIT.  Wait