We Are Never Alone

Adam, untouched by sin and its consequences, was busy tending the Garden of Eden while surrounded by God’s fresh creation. There was plenty to see and plenty to do. Nevertheless, God recognized and cited the fact that it was not good for Adam to remain alone. To remedy the “alone” issue, God created Eve, united her with Adam, and commissioned them to be fruitful and multiply. Currently, what began in the Garden of Eden has expanded into a worldwide population exceeding seven billion people.
In spite of the mass of humanity that inhabit planet earth, many people feel alone during their journey through life. Even though they are surrounded by people and connected to the web, they feel isolated and alone. Often times, it is due to no fault of their own. Sometimes they have created their own bed and are currently lying in it. Why they became lonely will not be my concern when I preach a series of messages I titled “Never Alone.” God does more than diagnose problems. God offers solutions.
Scrambled eggs cannot be unscrambled. Real life has no rewind button. Still, because of God’s grace, we can experience hope when it appears all hope is gone. Jesus promised His followers that He would be with them until the end of the age. He remains with us and for us, no matter where we find ourselves in life: widowed, divorced, single, childless, ignored.
My mother is fond of saying that she is comfortable in her own skin. We should all be the same. Life is as God allows. When God allows a painful divorce, an unexpected death, or an unpleasant circumstance, He never deserts us. We can learn to be content in every situation we find ourselves, because we are never alone. We can do all things through Him who strengthens us.
This series of messages should be encouraging to all. I will not be throwing rocks at anyone. I will be tossing life preservers formed from the promises and grace of God. Wherever you are in life can become a place of fulfillment and blessing. Nothing is possible for God. Life keeps changing, yet God remains faithful!

We are never alone,